Friday, December 21, 2012

hi Leah here. how'd you like my first blog? Well I'm here to talk about that book by R.L.LaFevers. (Theodosia and the last pharaoh) I loved it and would recommend this book to any 8-10 year old. The plot is this: Theo goes to egypt with her mother (who is an archeologist)for a dig, and hires a donkey boy in cairo named Gadji who sleeps in the stable and ends up helping Theo in her adventures.I loved the book myself and hope you will read it. ;) best wishes Leah

Friday, December 14, 2012

Hi, my names Leah. this is my first blog and I hope you like it! :) I finished a book recently called "Theodosia and the last pharaoh" written by R. L. LaFevers about a boy named Gadji Theodosia and a monkey,thats all you need for now. I hope you liked my first blog! Leah